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Service Error

Item missing in the shipment

If you are missing one or more items from your order-/deliveryconfirmation, and this is not caused by a backorder in our system, we have our own routines to pick up on this and take care  of it as easy as possible.

Send an E-mail directly to info@keeper-gloves.com. This email MUST contain the following:

  • Customer number
  • Order number
  • Item number (on the missing item)

Customer service will then work to resolve the issue and fix potential erros.


Received the wrong item

If yo have received a wrong product than what specified in the order-/delivery confirmation, please send an email to info@keeper-gloves.com

Desribe what the problem is. You will receive an E-mail that confirms the order issue. Print this confirmation and put it together with the item you are returning, and we will get you the correct item as soon as possible. You will then receive some information on how the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible.

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