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KLA's Roll Finger Black 4 glove follows the brand's popular Roll Finger glove. The Roll Finger Black features a 4 mm thick SSGB3 foam for grip in all conditions.
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Size guide

  Download pdf-size guide (click here)

It is important that you choose the right size when buying KLA® goalkeeper gloves. Comfort is important for a goalkeeper! Keeper-Gloves.com recommends that you download and PRINT "PDF SIZE GUIDE", printing will give you the right measurements.

We have the same sizes as other regular brands, and the majority of goalkeepers know what they prefer. The adult gloves range between size 7-11, while kids gloves range between size 4-6. Every goalkeeper has individual preferences and knows what fits them in regards to whether they like a loose or tight glove. The former Mexican national team goalkeeper, Jorge Campos, was famous for preferring big gloves, while the legendary Peter Shilton preferred tight gloves. Generally adult goalkeepers choose the sizes 8, 9, and 10. Maybe the table below can help you to choose your size if you are unable to print the "PDF SIZE GUIDE" (which we view as the absolutely best size guide).


Average size guide for goalkeeper gloves
Size Age/Size Height
4 6-7 years -135 cm (-4’5”)
5 8-9 years 135-145 cm (4’5”-4’9”)
6 10-11 years 145-165 cm (4’9”-5’1”)
7 Large kid or youth 157-165 cm (5’2”-5’5”)
8 Small to medium adult 165-174 cm (5’5”-5’9”)
9 Medium to large adult 175-183 cm (5’9”-6’0”)
10 Large to extra large adult 184-189 cm (6’0”-6’2”)
11 Extra large adult 190cm- (6’3”-)

NOTE! Be aware that the aforementioned table is based on the average size and should therefore only be used as a basic guidance when you buy your gloves.


Properly Sizing Goalie Gloves

1. This can take a little work because hand sizes will vary from goalkeeper to goalkeeper. There are not only small size variations between manufacturers, but also between less expensive training or practice gloves and game gloves as well as Jr. and adult sizes.

Note: It is advisable for goalkeeping gloves to be a smidgen bigger than the hand size. The fingers of a goalie should not reach all the way to the very tip of the glove nor should they be surrounded by so much space as to make the glove floppy. If there isn't a ruler available, a good rule is to look for 1/4" to 1/2" over the end of your fingertip, or the length of a thumbnail.

*Below is advice for guessing size in a more efficient way. If there's no soccer store available in your area where you can try on a pair, here are a couple of commonly used methods of determining the proper size.

Choice 1* : Measure the area of the largest part of the palm without the thumb. Increase to the next highest inch. Add an extra inch to that measurement, and you will have your correct glove size.

Choice 2*: Take the measurement of your hand from the end of your middle finger to the spot where your thumb connects with your wrist. Your size should be rounded up to the higher inch. Increase the measurement by 1 inch to figure out your glove size. For instance, 7.5'" rounds up to 8", and adding 1 gives you 9". If your hand is 7 3/4", then, you'd wear a size 9.

2. After measuring both of your hands, order the size to fit the largest one. When trying to figure what size a keeper's gloves should be, note that the finger should be no less than a inch and ideally a full inch from the top of the glove. The two Measurements should match.

3. Be aware of the following Measurements for Glove Sizes

* Junior Size 4 or 5 - For a small size goalkeeper. This is for children aged 7 to 9. Size 5 usually will accommodate a Height of 4'6" to 4'8" inches. * Junior Sizes 6 and 7 - Youth goalies of medium to bigger size build. Ages 10 to 12. 4'10" in Height or Size 6 to 5'0" in Height or Size 7. * Adult Size 7 - Small adult or broad youth keeper. * Size 8 fits a smaller or medium sized adult goalkeeper. 5'2" to 5'4" in Height.

* Size 9 fits a medium sized adult goalie. 5'4" to 5'7" in Height. * Size 10 - For a grownup keeper who wears a medium to large size. 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet ten inches.

* Size 11 - large size goalkeeper 5'10" to 6'1". * Size 12 - Big keeper. Somebody who is about 6'4" with extremely large hands

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  • Roll Finger technology for better grip.
  • New Bowling cut for better grip and comfort.
  • 4 mm Exclusive KLA® SSGB3 (Super Soft Grip Black) German latex foam.
  • Wrap Thumb gives better control and ball control.
  • Strap on the back of the wrist makes it easier to put on the gloves.
  • Optimum grip in ALL weather conditions.
  • Adjustable wrist strap.
  • KLA Rough Zone
  • Available in sizes 6-11.



KLA's Roll Finger Black 4 glove follows the brand's popular Roll Finger glove. The Roll Finger Black features a 4 mm thick SSGB3 foam which offers extreme gripping for use in all weather conditions. This exclusive new foam offers additional cushioning and lamination which has been made using higher density for a better ball to hand contact grip and durability. An excellent palm for professional and
training performance. Its composition provides constantly good grip and shock absorption even in wet conditions.

It features a roll finger cut palm with a half-wrapped thumb which maximises your latext-to-ball ratio and aids catching. Support is provided to in the form of an elasticated wristband with an adjustable Velcro wriststrap which provides a comfortable yet secure fit. Roll Finger Black 4 provides great fitting, great elastic and top components. Engineered along with top goalkeepers and developers.
A very special developed mesh for extra performance to avoid sweat and give maximum ventilation of air (Anti-bacterial, Anti-allergic and Anti-fungus)
Special used stitching thread for extra good performance and durability.

KLA Rough Zone: The rough zone is designed to protect the palm from damage. To offer this extra protection the abrasion zone is made of latex that has been compressed using intense heat. This provides a density and complexity to the material that ensures strength as well as the flexibility – essential attributes that goalkeepers need from their gloves.

Remember: With softer latex gloves you need to moisten the palm again with water as it dries. Latex palms can become slippery when wet. Figure out the correct balance before your match to avoid wearing sponges when you need the gripping power the most.


After the order, you will after a few minutes receive a receipt to the email-address you wrote down in your order. This is a confirmation to make sure that your order is correct.

Contact us if you have any problems with your order.

Model KLA® Roll Finger Black 4
Sizes 6-11
Glove Cut Roll Finger
Latex 4 mm SSGB-III (Super Soft Grip Black)
Weight 0,28 kg
Colour Black/Silver
Finger Protection Nei
Wrap Over Thumb Nei
Wrist Strap Elastic strap for individual fit and adjustment. Gives secure fit and support to the wrist.
Launched 27.01.19
Extra Bowling Cut (curved fingers), antibacterial materials
KLA® keeperhansker

Direct link: https://youtu.be/AbY8H2jsWVk

Intro KLA® Roll Finger BLACK 2

Direct link: https://youtu.be/xvfs-siAaEc

Test: KLA® Roll Finger III

Direct link: http://youtu.be/Ya9l7CJcdCw

KLA keeperhansker og keepertrening. Erik Solheim fra Sportsklubben Herd i Ålesund.

Direct link: https://youtu.be/q3h5WFanFRs

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